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Make an effort with your appearance on the first date, as first impressions really do matter in this instance.

Eye contact is vital - you may feel a little shy at first but the other person will appreciate your full attention while you're together.

Keep conversations general - and light hearted - don't talk about the definite 'no go' areas on a first meeting such as religion, politics, past partners, health issues or children. Your date is there to hear about you.

Ask questions - you can appear 10 times more attractive if you ask more questions.

Listen - this is vitally important, to be able to learn more about the person you're with. Remember you have 2 ears and one mouth which should be used in this proportion.

Pay compliments - everyone likes to be told they look good and it also shows you're interested.

Body language - for example 'mirroring' how the other person is sitting, indicates you like them and again makes you more attractive.

Be patient as your ideal partner is out there and we are here to help you find them. The membership base is constantly changing, with new members joining every week and you'll be meeting a varied selection of suitable singles.

Don't be late - it gives the impression you're so busy that the person is lucky to get a moment with you.

Smile - it's a well known fact that someone with a smile on their face looks far more attractive and it costs nothing to do!

internet warnings

If you're looking for that special person in your life, then don't leave it to chance or dubious internet dating. National research indicates that 40% of the people registered on singles dating websites, are actually married or with a partner (see our recent news extract). A high proportion of people on these sites, don't tell the truth about their age, background, weight and have even been known to put other people's photos on!

We've helped many people just like you to find their ideal partner.

We meet any prospective members first, unlike any internet dating sites.


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